overwhelmed by madmen;

i have galaxies growing inside of me
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   As soon as I get the chance I am out of here.
        Just be ready, the first big distraction.

 That’s one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard.
 And I have no idea, they just like to torture us

The first big distraction? Check.

Torture sounds right on target,
 which is why I usually bring an ample supply of tic-tacs to throw.
 Makes these events so much more exciting to come to.

4 months ago   (6)  VIASRC



    I do owe you a hot dog, you’re right.
          Wanna get it now, Red?

  Swooping out of boredom again, Stark?
      Sounds like a plan I can get behind.

    And why don’t these conferences ever have, like,
    chinese takeout served,
     instead of food that is as pronounceable as it is edible?

4 months ago   (6)  VIASRC



        Are we destined to meet each other only at events?

We’re un-social socialites, 
     and you still owe me that hot dog.

  ❝ ‘m not wearing the right kind of clothes for this. 

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{Okay, so I’ve somehow made it to 2,500+ followers. I know to some that might not be much, but to me, it’s kind of scary, but amazing nevertheless! So to thank you lot for following, here’s a follow forever because I suck at giveaways, seeing that I’m still working on giveaway things from my last giveaway. Anyway, here you go! My follow forever!}

{Mind you, there are loads of you lot who can be put into several of these groups, but I just put you lot into the one that first popped into my mind. Yep.} 


тнє ρσηɗѕ: тнσѕє ωнσм ι’νє тαƖкєɗ тσ qυιтє α вιт αηɗ Ɩσνє

тнє ιмρσѕѕιвƖє gιяƖѕ: Hєу! Ƴσυ נυѕт fσƖƖσωєɗ мє αηɗ тнιѕ ιѕ cяαzу вυт ǀ ƑRƐAƘǀƝƓ LOƲƐ ƳOU. ǀ’ƖƖ fσƖƖσω уσυ fσяєνєя, вαву.

cєятαιη αяcнαєσƖσgιѕтѕ: тнσѕє ωнσм ι ѕтαƖк fяσм αfαя

туƖєяѕ: тнσѕє ωнσ ιηѕριяє мє ωιтн тнєιя αмαzιηgηєѕѕ


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{Look at all that quality. Wow. MY EYES ARE BURNING FROM THE AMAZING!}

{Anyway, I’m sure there are loads that I have forgotten. Sorry about that sweethearts. But, let me just say that I love you all and thank you for following, darlings! I WILL LOVE YOU ALL UNTIL THE END OF TIME.}

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It’s that time of the month PARTY PEOPLE.

My name is Drew and I love you all. I would like to first thank my mum, not my English teacher she was a hormonal witch, but bless her for making me hate writing. Enough about me.

Honorable mentions


     This Is such an amazing blog. Her portrayal is on point and she is just the nicest person. Who knows maybe I’ll steal her and marry her with a Tardis ring hahaha no. But really this chick is amazing. Follow her for free hugs.



     Dude your the best Tardis I’ve seen here. I’m not lying I swear. When I RP with you its just like so visible. Never second guess your role playing, don’t because if you do I’ll like publish a book called “wheres-my-thief” with all your role plays in it and sell it, then make millions, idk.



I really like this Amy. It’s just so neat and well put together. The writing is top notch too. Such a talented mun , I do wish I got a better chance to know her.


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If you are in this and I haven’t role played with you yet, I would really like too. Thank you all for the support , honestly.

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Send me one of the follow.[ Part one ]


"And their you go again. . "
"Another one?"
"And you must be the new girl/boy here." 
"Ain’t new here, are you?"
"Are you alright?"
"Ain’t bit ?"
"Are you fucking kiddin’ me?"
"Arms in the air!"
"Be right there."
"Beautiful . ."
"Back stabbing son of a btich!"
"Bring me ___."
"Bow down to me you fool."
"Believe you? yeah right."
"But . . "
"But i love you . . "
"Believe me!"
"Bend over."
"Back there!"
"Boo hoo."
"Because of you i’m ___" 
"Can’t do it. ." 
"Can’t you see i tried?" 
"Can’t believe you would do that . . "
"Could you tell me where i am?"
"Can’t save me, so don’t try."
"Can’t or won’t?"
"Don’t do that!"
"Don’t go . . "
"Don’t play games with me."
"Don’t do anything stupid while am gone." 
"Do you want me to punch you?"
"Do you want to live or die?!"
"Don’t you say that, not you."
"Enough of your bullshit."
"Energetic are we?" 
"Fuck you."
"Fight me!"
"follow me."
"Forget you then."
"Fight or we die."
"Forgive you? ha . . never." 

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  can’t do sassy when sick 
    /slides off to go make a blog

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"My mind is made up, nothing could change that, I’m coming home to you, Every night, every night, every night, every night…"

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Amelia Pond, like a name in a fairytale

7 months ago   (1)

sorry, sorry!

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gif meme: amy pond + hair| asked by hookfire